The how and why of landscape considerations

Landscape approach: The how and why of landscape considerations
1 December 2017

With the ever-increasing claims on land, the importance of ‘poldering’ has also been growing. This is a Dutch concept that means that people solve issues in a certain area through compromises and cooperation. The term originated in the Middle Ages, when farmers, nobles, townspeople and other citizens had to work…

Preventing avian influenza

Preventing avian influenza
24 November 2017

Each spring and autumn, there are mild outbreaks of bird flu (avian influenza, AI) on poultry farms in the Netherlands. This is especially true of free-range farms, where animals have access to outdoor areas. Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is studying how to prevent chickens and other poultry from becoming…

Restoring biodiversity

Restoring biodiversity
10 November 2017

The number of insects is decreasing, farmland birds are having a tough time, soil life is diminishing and plant species are becoming extinct. In the last years it has become painfully clear that biodiversity in the rural areas of the Netherlands has come under pressure. The Living Planet Report Natuur…

Wageningen University & Research Spotlight

26 October 2017

Wageningen University & Research considers dialogue with society to be an essential aspect of its role as a knowledge institution. This platform serves as a meeting place for our staff members. The theme will be the news item that Wageningen University & Research publishes weekly on the front page of…

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